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im taking a break from all things that make me ill, in hope of leading a simplistic and fufilling life.
fucakefrosting: WE will stalk him down
fucakefrosting: i bet he's living with stuart
fucakefrosting: FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!
Kamakasichaos13: all the hot men of the world are held up in that apartment with stuart and sexy nigga waiting for the right moment to do there laundrey when were not there...
fucakefrosting: WAHHHHAH ;___________________;
fucakefrosting: that's not okay, we're busting in there with nets and sedatives, fuck that!!!!!
"we will concoct the greatest rape drug the world has EVER SEEN!!!
fucakefrosting: and then his sugardaddy may open communications with in negotiations, but then again he may also just have to....take us out

heh..  good times...

my gay lovers: :iconiloveloveyou: :icondefinitely: :iconthedanielleshek: :iconmorituri-te-salutant:
my babies: :iconchemicalflowers: :heart: :heart: :heart:
ive got colored pencils!!!!  im sooooo excited...  ive never actually colored a piece... ever...  well, since i was like 9...  with the exception of like two with photoshop and one with markers...  okay so i lied... i HAVE colored before...  but im about to start doing a shit load more!!!!  so, you'd better watch you're back!!!  :heart: :heart:

my gay lovers:  :iconiloveloveyou: :icondefinitely: :iconthedanielleshek: :iconmorituri-te-salutant:

my babies: :iconchemicalflowers:  :heart: :heart: :heart: